A Message from the President: Make it Happen. Make it Matter.

A Message from the President: Make it Happen. Make it Matter.

By Rhette Baughman, President, YNPN Phoenix

It was January of 2018. I sat in a conference room surrounded by a group of brilliant volunteers discussing a myriad of issues facing young professionals working in the nonprofit sector and how YNPN Phoenix could bring solutions to the table.

Their passion was contagious and their dedication was remarkable. I remember feeling so honored to be part of such an incredible group. It was during that meeting when our president at the time, Jaclyn Pederson, proposed an internal board theme: Make it Happen. Make it Matter.

Fast forward several months. For various reasons and unforeseen circumstances, the YNPN Phoenix board and its committees experienced monumental changes, seemingly all at the same time. Several board members resigned from their terms. We had committee members completely ghost us and fall off the radar. Long-time partnerships dissolved without much explanation. As part of the executive committee, I felt helpless.

However, I watched as this strong group of professionals, all with their own full-time jobs outside of YNPN, stepped up to fill the gaps and make sure the organization didn’t miss a beat in providing professional development and networking opportunities to our members. We began recruiting a dynamic group of new volunteers and before we knew it, we had strong and vibrant leadership in just a few months.

These individuals were truly taking ownership and achieving results so we could continue investing in Arizona’s young professionals who have a direct, everyday effect on changing the world. It was in that moment I gave a small sigh of relief knowing the future of our sector is in great hands. Make it happen, make it matter became less of a theme and more of an organizational motto after that. 

Our current board has the luxury of riding on the wings of those who came before us and created such an incredible foundation. Ensuring the sustainability of the organization became a top priority and is still at the core of all our decisions. The other area of focus we have for 2019 is building new and strengthening existing strategic partnerships with the purpose of expanding our network and giving our members more opportunities to connect with other professionals in the valley.

Talk about unstoppable. Nothing compares to a group of young, passionate professionals coming into the agreement to make a difference for the betterment of the sector.

Want to get involved? Whether you are interested in serving on a committee or collaborating on an event, we always welcome an opportunity to connect. Get in touch with us today.