Beers and Ballots: YNPN Phoenix Starts a Non-Partisan Discussion about Propositions on the AZ Ballot

Beers and Ballots: YNPN Phoenix Starts a Non-Partisan Discussion about Propositions on the AZ Ballot

By Julie Euber, Board Member and Communications Committee Chair, YNPN Phoenix

Ballot propositions can be confusing. What are we REALLY voting on - are they actually talking around the issue in the description of the proposition? What will a "yes" or "no" even mean for our state? Why do some organizations/individuals support and why are others against? YNPN Phoenix tackled these big questions at Beers & Ballots on October 23 at SunUp Brewing Company with the help of Penny Alle Taylor, Chief Public Policy Officer at Valley of the Sun United Way. The audience played an active role in the conversation asking hard questions and providing further information based on their own expertise.

If you missed the event and are still looking for information and advice, check out our live twitter coverage of the event under the hashtag #BeersandBallots as well as YNPN Phoenix's top 10 voting tips and resources (Click here for a downloadable pdf of the graphic below with live links):

The Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU created detailed non-partisan guides for each state-wide ballot proposition, and Charlie Levy, owner of Crescent Ballroom, The Van Buren, and Valley Bar worked with a few political junkies to put together an easy, straightforward non-partisan voter guide on state-wide ballot props as well. With all the great resources available this year, voters can fill out their ballots with more confidence than ever before.



A special thank you to Penny Alle Taylor for providing a balanced overview of AZ propositions. Her efforts to provide a non-partisan review of not only the propositions but the history behind them were thoughtful and thorough.
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