2017 YNPN Phoenix President's Message

eguidas_headshot2017.jpgLast Tuesday evening, I sat on my living room floor with my way-too-big-to-be-a-lap dog in my lap, and listened to President Obama give the last speech of his presidency. During his 40-minute speech, a speech filled with laughter, applause, and plenty of tears, President Obama made the case for American democracy. He urged listeners to support and believe in democracy and take an active role in creating a better world. He wasn’t speaking to foreign governments or to an international audience, but to Americans right here at home. President Obama implored us to harness our power in the most important office in our democracy: citizen.  

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3 Reasons to Join a YNPN Phoenix Committee


I’ve never really seen myself as the “kind of person” who joins committees. Whether I tell myself I don’t have the time or don’t know enough YNPN members, there’s always an excuse!

However, in the brief time that I’ve been a part of the Communications Committee, I’ve discovered that taking the step to get more involved with YNPN is both simple and worth it.

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Get Yourself Organized and Stay That Way

At the September Coffee Chat, we discussed tools that help us stay organized, whether it be at work or in our personal lives. Together, we brainstormed the best ways to keep ourselves and our teams on track.

Here’s a list of the tools and techniques that work in some way for each one of us. Check them out and see what you could use to be more productive!

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Tips for Strengthening Your Network

10003663_881066628472_1596055696505182273_o.jpgSkills matter, competencies are key, and expertise will always elevate you, but at the end of the day: people invest in people.

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Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector Through “Enlightened Self-Interest”


On August 5th at the YNPN National Activate! Summit in Portland, OR, nonprofit professionals from across the country came together to address the needs of the nonprofit sector and discuss how we all can better support the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to social good. (Read more about the conference here.) During his keynote speech, Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps and the brains behind Nonprofit with Balls, reinforced the need for collaboration and cooperation, and shared points on how to leverage “enlightened self-interest” for the betterment of the nonprofit sector.

Check them out below!

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