Tips for Strengthening Your Network

10003663_881066628472_1596055696505182273_o.jpgSkills matter, competencies are key, and expertise will always elevate you, but at the end of the day: people invest in people.

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Strengthening the Nonprofit Sector Through “Enlightened Self-Interest”


On August 5th at the YNPN National Activate! Summit in Portland, OR, nonprofit professionals from across the country came together to address the needs of the nonprofit sector and discuss how we all can better support the next generation of leaders who are dedicated to social good. (Read more about the conference here.) During his keynote speech, Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps and the brains behind Nonprofit with Balls, reinforced the need for collaboration and cooperation, and shared points on how to leverage “enlightened self-interest” for the betterment of the nonprofit sector.

Check them out below!

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Working Together to do the Most Good


As young professionals dedicated to making our communities more equitable and just, we are constantly faced with the question, “How can I do the most good?” The answer has actually been right in front of us from the start and cycled through in countless conferences, blog posts and presentations. It can be found among our coworkers, our peers and our common goal of effecting social change. To do the most good, we must collaborate and cooperate. We must work together.

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Takeaways from What to Know Before You’re a CEO


Leadership has become a hot topic in the nonprofit world. How does one become a leader in their organization? What can one be doing NOW to create and inspire by leading? Those are great questions with answers that might surprise you.

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Saying Thanks to our Outgoing Board Members

As we say goodbye to outgoing board members, Brian Yunt, Nicoletta Fasano, Dominic Braham and Mackenzie Woods, we also want to extend our deepest thanks for their dedication and commitment to making YNPN Phoenix the organization that it is today. In this post, they offer insight and advice to their peers on how to make the most of YNPN Phoenix and navigate the local nonprofit sector.



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