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Nonprofit professionals understand the importance of volunteers – many agencies couldn’t function without them.They’re ardent supporters who get hands-on. On January 20th, in collaboration with the Desert Botanical Garden’s Monarch Society, YNPN Phoenix hosted a panel discussion that explored the topic of successful volunteer management. 

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2016 YNPN President Message

Thom.jpgOn the evening of October 22, 2014, a vigorous group of young professionals came together at Sun Up Brewery in Central Phoenix. It was an unusually cold day in October and noticeably, most of those gathering showed excitement in sporting their winter coats that had been tucked away in their closets for the past eight months. Despite the excitement that consumes Phoenicians when the weather drastically changes, this group was motivated by something else entirely. November 2014 was quickly approaching, as were the mid-term elections, and the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Phoenix had astutely organized an evening program called “Beers and Ballots.” This program created an opportunity for young professionals to come together in a town hall setting to discuss the impact our upcoming votes would have on the nonprofit sector.   

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2015 Membership Survey Results

In order to best serve the members of YNPN Phoenix, we reached out and asked for input on our programs as well as the organization itself. As a 100% volunteer run organization, we want to ensure that we are spending time on what matters most to our constituents.

Survey highlights include:

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They Key to Finding Collaborating Partners: Look Around

Rachel.jpgCollaboration, partnership, collaborative partnerships, innovative collaborations. There are more of them in today’s thriving nonprofit and social enterprise sector than you can feasibly shake a stick at. When I think about how we at the Arizona Community Foundation collaborate to magnify our impact, a perfect case study comes to mind. Many of you might be familiar with The New Arizona Prize: Water Consciousness Challenge. In this case, a variety of different groups came together to play their own unique roles in making our first philanthropic prize challenge a success.

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Being New To YNPN Phoenix

Chiquita.jpgMoving to a new state brings an array of emotions some to include excitement, anxiety, and apprehension of what lies ahead. In my case I experienced all of these emotions. Having lived in the Washington DC/Maryland metropolitan area my entire life, moving to Arizona was a big deal. I was particularly apprehensive about making new professional connections that would allow me to continue to grow in my career.

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