Meet Nora Kish

Nora-1.jpgName: Nora Kish
Work and Title: Highway Twenty, Marketing Manager

How did you get involved in YNPN? “I work at Highway Twenty, a digital marketing agency for causes that matter. The majority of our clients are nonprofits, but my background hasn’t been more broad, so I got involved to learn about the nonprofit industry and connect with other young professionals who want to make an impact. Also, my boss used to be a member and told me it was my turn."

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Meet Jennifer Dimeck

IMG_7040favcrop.jpgHi! I’m Jenn Dimeck, Principal and Founder of Provident Consulting, Inc., a management consulting firm for non-profits that provides capacity-building services for small organizations. I am a southern gal from Tennessee who moved to the Valley of the Sun for its dry air, warm winters, and beautiful landscape.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Millennial: A Satirical Rendition of my Truth

best.jpgI am a dreaded millennial, the “look at me-I’m special-and need to be awarded because of my specialness” millennial. But if my employer can harness my enthusiasm and social conscious, they will no longer have a dreaded millennial. They will have an empowered-changemaking-progress-motivated-lets-do-it-now millennial.

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Building Relationships that Count



Make the relationships you have, and the relationships you want to have, really count. Having a million connections on LinkedIn or another social media site is good, but is it really smart? I see a lot of people investing a lot of their time and energy into what they think is good networking but really are just wasting their minutes and effort. While networking is a very valuable tool to enrich your career or increase the number of donations or gain a knowledgeable mentor, unless it is used properly it is just a word being thrown around.


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Incremental Change

Headshot_-_Jaclyn_Goris.jpgThus far in my career, I have given my heart and soul to two different organizations. Both who taught and continue to teach me so many lessons. The capacity of each organization I've had interaction with was quite different. When I first started at Child Crisis Center, there were over 200 employees, a 30+ year history, developed programs which provided direct services, and an 8M+ budget. Then I started at Feeding Matters and witnessed the exact opposite...we had 7 employees, a 7 year history, agile programs without a direct service component, and had a $500,000 budget.

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