They Key to Finding Collaborating Partners: Look Around

Rachel.jpgCollaboration, partnership, collaborative partnerships, innovative collaborations. There are more of them in today’s thriving nonprofit and social enterprise sector than you can feasibly shake a stick at. When I think about how we at the Arizona Community Foundation collaborate to magnify our impact, a perfect case study comes to mind. Many of you might be familiar with The New Arizona Prize: Water Consciousness Challenge. In this case, a variety of different groups came together to play their own unique roles in making our first philanthropic prize challenge a success.

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Being New To YNPN Phoenix

Chiquita.jpgMoving to a new state brings an array of emotions some to include excitement, anxiety, and apprehension of what lies ahead. In my case I experienced all of these emotions. Having lived in the Washington DC/Maryland metropolitan area my entire life, moving to Arizona was a big deal. I was particularly apprehensive about making new professional connections that would allow me to continue to grow in my career.

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Meet Nora Kish

Nora-1.jpgName: Nora Kish
Work and Title: Highway Twenty, Marketing Manager

How did you get involved in YNPN? “I work at Highway Twenty, a digital marketing agency for causes that matter. The majority of our clients are nonprofits, but my background hasn’t been more broad, so I got involved to learn about the nonprofit industry and connect with other young professionals who want to make an impact. Also, my boss used to be a member and told me it was my turn."

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Meet Jennifer Dimeck

IMG_7040favcrop.jpgHi! I’m Jenn Dimeck, Principal and Founder of Provident Consulting, Inc., a management consulting firm for non-profits that provides capacity-building services for small organizations. I am a southern gal from Tennessee who moved to the Valley of the Sun for its dry air, warm winters, and beautiful landscape.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Millennial: A Satirical Rendition of my Truth

best.jpgI am a dreaded millennial, the “look at me-I’m special-and need to be awarded because of my specialness” millennial. But if my employer can harness my enthusiasm and social conscious, they will no longer have a dreaded millennial. They will have an empowered-changemaking-progress-motivated-lets-do-it-now millennial.

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