Building Relationships that Count



Make the relationships you have, and the relationships you want to have, really count. Having a million connections on LinkedIn or another social media site is good, but is it really smart? I see a lot of people investing a lot of their time and energy into what they think is good networking but really are just wasting their minutes and effort. While networking is a very valuable tool to enrich your career or increase the number of donations or gain a knowledgeable mentor, unless it is used properly it is just a word being thrown around.


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Incremental Change

Headshot_-_Jaclyn_Goris.jpgThus far in my career, I have given my heart and soul to two different organizations. Both who taught and continue to teach me so many lessons. The capacity of each organization I've had interaction with was quite different. When I first started at Child Crisis Center, there were over 200 employees, a 30+ year history, developed programs which provided direct services, and an 8M+ budget. Then I started at Feeding Matters and witnessed the exact opposite...we had 7 employees, a 7 year history, agile programs without a direct service component, and had a $500,000 budget.

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The Power of Networking

Skills matter, competencies are key, and expertise will always elevate you, but at the end of the day: people invest in people.

In today’s world, the old adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” has never been more true and people (especially young professionals) are finding that their networks and their connections, are truly the best asset they have for upward mobility.

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Professional Development in the Workplace

Even though money is a factor in our life, as we dedicate our time to a job, many professionals want to grow and learn in their current positions as well. In the age where individuals possess different passions, volunteer their time and even attempt to perfect their own start up idea, I can assure you that we are always striving to grow.

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Member Spotlight – Kristiana Fox

me.jpgBio: I wish I knew to just trust my heart and not be afraid to take chances. The nonprofit field is large enough for people from various paths to make a significant impact if they are willing to work hard and learn the field. The differences between the business and nonprofit field aren’t as big as you think that they are, but the culture and values are significantly different and it will change you for the better. Also, the nonprofit field is much much harder.

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