Jason Carlyle - 2019 YNPN LINK Presenter

Jason Carlyle is the Resource Development Manager for local Stardust Building Supplies. Jason was born and raised in Arizona, growing up in the Tempe area. When Jason is not working he enjoys hiking, skateboarding and spending time with his three little girls and his wife. Jason has been working at Stardust for over 16 years and loves sharing his passion of reuse.

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Adrian Jamieson - 2019 YNPN LINK Presenter

Adrian Jamieson is the Resource and Program Development Manager for Voices for CASA Children, orchestrating the organization’s fund and new program development. Adrian’s passion for serving Arizona’s young people and community building brought her to VOICES in 2016. Of all of the fun things she gets to do at VOICES, her favorites are working with volunteers and exploring new program areas. Adrian has a strong background in program and volunteer management and received her Master’s in Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management from Arizona State University in 2015. As a new mom, Adrian enjoys spending most of her free time entertaining her baby Diana with her husband Matt.

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Nick Jensen - 2019 YNPN LINK Presenter

Nick Jensen graduated from the MPA program University of Memphis in 2016 with an emphasis on Nonprofit management and has been employed at UMOM New Day Centers since Jan. 2017 in the Development department.  He is passionate about the work that UMOM does in the community, preventing and ending homelessness for families, women, and youth. His role as Stewardship Coordinator delicately balances both the art and science of fundraising. Nick, both serves as Database Manager and manages a personal portfolio, where he works with donors to help build relationships and inspire them to give to UMOM.

In addition to his professional role, Nick is also an active volunteer in the community. He is an avid harm reduction volunteer for organizations like Sonoran Prevention Works and Shot in The Dark and is the co-organizer of the International Overdose Awareness Day in Phoenix, which falls on August 31st each year. Nick is passionate about the fight to expand harm reduction in the State of Arizona and help put an end to the opioid epidemic that has plagued our nation.

Additionally, Nick served as a mentor at New Pathways for Youth for a year and also serves on the Board for a young professional’s organization. Nick is actively engaged in the community and is always seeking to expand his network and learn from the important work being done in the Nonprofit sector in Phoenix.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys reading, hiking, listen to and shopping for new vinyl, and playing with his cat Velouria, who is both the best and worst cat ever.

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Christopher Priebe - 2019 YNPN LINK Presenter

Christopher Priebe is the head roaster and one of the founders of Cultivate Coffee, a nonprofit coffee company offering work opportunities and life skills training for disadvantaged youth. Prior to launching Cultivate, Christopher ran a program bringing character and leadership development to K-12 schools throughout the nation. He has his undergrad in Organizational Leadership through Fort Hays University and has been deeply involved in the Phoenix community for many years.


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Tanner Swanson - 2019 YNPN LINK Presenter

Tanner Swanson is a passionate young professional, working to resolve pressing community challenges through private sector philanthropy. As Annual Fund Administrator at A New Leaf, he raises funds to support programs that address domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, health, and education, impacting over 35,000 people every year. A pioneer in nonprofit video marketing, digital media, and donor communications Tanner is well versed in developing comprehensive strategies that secure funding for worthy causes. When not working to improve his community, Tanner enjoys rock climbing, attending concerts, and reading.


Join us for the 5th annual YNPN LINK on March 20, 2019!