Chiquita Serpas 2016 YNPN Link Presenter

Chiquita Serpas 2016 YNPN Link Presenter


Chiquita A. Serpas currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Editha House Foundation. She oversees strategic planning efforts and promotes team leadership, while also specializing in organizational effectiveness and process development. In addition, she is a coach, educator, and facilitator.

Prior to relocating to Phoenix from the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, Chiquita worked with The National Institute of Health where she managed a transitional housing program for patients and their families who were receiving treatment through clinical trials.

Since relocating to Phoenix, Chiquita’s has connected with many nonprofit leaders in order to identify areas of need throughout the community. The prevention and early detection of Valley Fever is an area that she is particularly passionate about as she lost a close friend to the debilitating disease.

She currently belongs to the Phoenix Rotary 100 Satellite Club and isa 2016 Leading for Change Fellow.