Get Yourself Organized and Stay That Way

Get Yourself Organized and Stay That Way

At the September Coffee Chat, we discussed tools that help us stay organized, whether it be at work or in our personal lives. Together, we brainstormed the best ways to keep ourselves and our teams on track.

Here’s a list of the tools and techniques that work in some way for each one of us. Check them out and see what you could use to be more productive!

Journaling and task-keeping tools and techniques:

Bullet journaling – If you prefer handwritten notes, this method could be for you. Use the left page is for a bulleted to-do list and the right for notes.

Microsoft OneNote – Type, write or draw your ideas.

Evernote – Organize your notes by ‘notebook’ and enjoy the features that make this one of the most powerful note-taking tools around.

Explain Everything – This tool is a collaborative, interactive whiteboard for individuals (or teams) to use.

LastPass – It remembers all of your passwords so you don’t have to!

Passion Planner – The planner structure gives you a general roadmap with long and short-term goals, as well as a weekly and monthly layout and reflection.

HabitShare – Start forming routines with your friends and get motivated to stay on track.

Forest – This app helps you learn how to put down your phone with gaming technology. Set a timer; when you start it, a tiny plant begins to grow and if you get on your phone it won’t survive. Try this to up your productivity.


Email task tools:

Outlook task feature – Learn how to create tasks and to-do items all in one place.

Boomerang – With this tool, you can schedule emails to deploy ahead of time, and get the tool to remind you when emails need responses.


Graphic design:

Canva – Use this site to help you make graphic design pieces for email and social media.

Tableau – This platform helps you make beautifully organized charts.


Team tools: Organize your team’s tasks and upcoming projects with these platforms, which help delegate tasks according to project and team type:

Slack – A team communication tool with every feature you would ever want or need (think giphy integration and custom emojis). This app ups the efficiency of your communications.

Flow – Their website says it all: “Flow helps creative teams stay productive and organized by bringing simple, repeatable structure to their work.”

Asana – This app, founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and former engineer Justin Rosenstein, helps you keep track of projects and improve task management.

Trello – This project management tool uses boards to keep work organized and has great features like assigning tasks and attaching files.

Wunderlist – An app for the list-lover, you can organize your to-dos by creating different lists, setting up tasks and marking them complete when they're done. 


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