Elyse Guidas
YNPN Phoenix President


Executive Director
Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle

Elyse is a passionate proponent of health in all aspects of public life and works everyday to make Arizona resilient, equitable, and inclusive for all.

Arizona Visionary, Social Justice Advocate, Avid Hiker, Mindful Vegan


Jaclyn Goris
YNPN Phoenix Vice President

Senior Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives
Feeding Matters

Jaclyn Goris is passionate about supporting families and strengthening the nonprofit sector through unique collaborations.

System strategist, Creative, Authentic Leader, Joie de Vivre


Jill T. Foley, CPA
YNPN Phoenix Treasurer

Jill_Foley_Headshot.pngFour Leaf Financial & Accounting, PLLC

Jill Foley is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of nonprofit accounting and providing outlets for nonprofit professionals to develop into future leaders.

Nonprofit Accounting Professional, Financial Reporting Buff, Excel Geek, Adventure Traveler, Pet Lover


Marcella Columbus
YNPN Phoenix Secretary

Fresh Start Women's Foundation
Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator

Marcella is dedicated to serving others and providing meaningful work to create a lasting positive impression on the Phoenix Valley.

Empathetic Observer, Compassionate Vegan, Regular Climber of Rocks, Classically Trained Musician, Knowledge Seeker


Thomas Barr
YNPN Phoenix Past President


Director of Member Engagement and Operations
Local First Arizona

Thomas strives to connect good people together to make Arizona a better place to live and is an advocate for fostering positive social change in the community.

Arizona Advocate, NPR Enthusiast, Determined Changemaker, Craft Beer Snob



Manager, Affiliate Relations
Events, Make-A-Wish International

Tyler is dedicated to create a stronger social impact by helping the nonprofit sector attract passionate young professionals and best-in-class talent

Nonprofit Nerd, Global Mindset, Podcast Addict, Netflix Connoisseur, Curious Explorer



National Speakers Association
Director of Membership Experience & Marketing

Rhette is passionate about making the community a better place to live, work and play by engaging young professionals in volunteerism, philanthropy, and advocacy.

Community Advocate, Music Enthusiast, Wine Indulger, Dog Lover



Learning Consultant; Property Casualty Insurance Agent
Petsmart; Elite Insurance Group

Michael is a Phoenix native and lifelong educator dedicated to helping people reach their individual potential

Servant Leader, World Traveler, Wine Lover



Operations Manager

Alana Campbell is passionate about Phoenix and helping connect young people with the resources they need to become leaders of sustainable change in their communities.

Database Guru, Systems & Processes Pro, People Connector, Lover of all things Phoenix



Provident Consulting, LLC

Jenn is passionate about developing the skills and abilities of nonprofit professionals in a way that builds the capacity of organizations to change the world.

Creative Analyst, Strategist, Adventure Craver, Time Traveler


Will Hightower


Academic Advisor
Northern Arizona University

Will is a passionate theatre artist, educator, and arts advocate who seeks to make Arizona a more sustainable place for artists to work, to live, and to love.

Professional Actor, Collaborative Facilitator, Arizona Arts Advocate, Servant Leader



Perlman   Perlman, LLP

Dan seeks to empower young leaders to connect, grow personally and professionally, and become passionate, outspoken advocates for positive social change in their communities.

Nonprofit Law Nerd, Professional Listener, Avid Reader, Travel Enthusiast, Amateur Guitarist.



Read Better Be Better
Program Coordinator

Kelsey thrives off the energy and passion within her community and is fiercely dedicated to improving Arizona's education system, ensuring all children have the opportunity to live up to their full potential.

Community Lover, Team Player, Literacy Enthusiast, Big Dreamer, Book Nerd



First Year Experience Specialist
Arizona State University

Brita is passionate about making meaningful connections and building communities to inspire and create change through social media and in-person communications.

Happy, Tech-lover, Minnesota Transplant, Passionate About Animals & Growing Caring Communities



Chief Strategy Officer
Be A Leader Foundation

Karla is a passionate advocate for Arizona students and is committed to helping close the educational attainment gap among the state’s most undeserved students.

Enthusiastic Collaborator, Fierce Competitor, Futuristic Thinker, Woman of Action



Director of Entrepreneur Programs
Better Business Bureau

Kimberly is an enthusiastic connector of people, ideas, places, and resources. Her work and passions are at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship, and she is passionate about creating lasting innovation in the social sector as a way to make Arizona, the country, and world a better place

Fanatical Foodie, Proud Native Phoenician, Curious Cross Between ENTJ + ENFJ, Bibliophile, Aspiring Renaissance Woman

Chief Operating Officer
Editha House Foundation

Chiquita oversees the strategic planning efforts and promotes team leadership, while also specializing in organizational effectiveness and process development. In addition, she is a coach, educator, and facilitator.

Public Health Advocate, Risk taker, free spirited



Executive Director
Phoenix Community ToolBank

Jana Smith is dedicated to strengthening the influence, resourcefulness, and professionalism of the nonprofit sector in support of Arizona communities.

Motivated, Mindful (from animals to people), Moderate Tool Enthusiast, Mom to Pugs



Experience Matters
Engagement Advisor

Katie has a passion for education and supporting nonprofits in our Phoenix community as well as learning, personal growth and her weekly adventures.

Volunteerism Advocate, Energetic and Enthusiastic, Kid at Heart, Minnesota Nice