Meet Our New Board Members – McKenzie Ragan

Meet Our New Board Members – McKenzie Ragan

A Board of Directors is an essential (and required) piece of a nonprofit, responsible for guiding the organization toward a sustainable future. YNPN Phoenix’s future is bright as ever as we welcome some of the Valley’s top young talent to our board in 2016. Get to know them and say hi next time you see them at a YNPN Phoenix program!



  1. Name, position, organization:
    McKenzie Ragan, Manager of Employee Success, Longboard Asset Management 

  2. Other professional involvement/accomplishments 
    Jewish National Federation (Current) - Member
    Big Brothers Big Sisters (Past) - Big Sister
    Pi Beta Phi (Past) - VP of Event Planning
    Save the Family (Past and Future) - volunteer and coordinator of event for employees at Longboard
    Moishe House Non-Profit (Current) - Member
    STAND (Past) - President and Founder of Chapter
    Sun Devil Scholarship (Past) - Scholarship for College
    Norton Ramsey Sustainability Scholarship (Past) - Scholarship for College
    Order of Omega Honors Society (Past) - Member
    Habitat for Humanity (Past) - Volunteer
    Champions are Readers (Past) - Volunteer

  3. How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?
    2 months

  4. Favorite YNPN event or memory? 
    Each YNPN event ends up replacing my favorite memory! Most recently, the Drive Impact: Become a Thought Leader was the most impressive to me. My favorite quote from Neil Giuliano, “Work harder on yourself, then on your job.” 

  5. What’s the best thing about working in Phoenix?
    I think the access to so many different areas. You can be downtown, in old town or on a university campus in 20 min. There are a lot of environments to experience and meet with professionals and grow your network. I love the easy access to the mountains and trails, while also being a hub for business.

  6. Favorite place in Phoenix to get lunch?
    St. Francis. I love the ambiance there!

  7. Favorite podcast?
    You know, I don’t have one yet! I’m taking notes of ones everyone suggests! 

  8. What is one of the most satisfying things about your work?
    Creating something new that adds value to my company. Seeing people excited and eager about a new organized process makes me feel like I am doing something that adds value to their life. Planning events that engages employees with each other or the community is the best. 

  9. Who or what is a source of inspiration for you?
    The outdoors, yoga and leaders who worked through adversity to go after their passion and what makes them happy. My parents are my biggest and most constant inspiration.  

  10. What do you hope to contribute to YNPN Phoenix?
    I hope to bring a positive and encouraging voice to the professional development space. I want to help people to realize that if they believe in something and create a vision, they really can make it a reality.