Meet Our New Board Members – Stacey Jay Cavaliere

Meet Our New Board Members – Stacey Jay Cavaliere

A Board of Directors is an essential (and required) piece of a nonprofit, responsible for guiding the organization toward a sustainable future. YNPN Phoenix’s future is bright as ever as we welcome some of the Valley’s top young talent to our board in 2016. Get to know them and say hi next time you see them at a YNPN Phoenix program!



  1. Name, position, organization
    Stacey Jay Cavaliere, Director of Programs, one•n•ten

  2. Other professional involvement/accomplishments
    I have proudly served on the board of Phoenix Pride, am a founding member of the QU Scholarship, and am involved in many subcommittees and advisory groups for: homeless systems of care, human trafficking, and suicide prevention in Maricopa County. I also am a certified Sources of Strength trainer, and also have been endorsed by the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence to train teachers/administration on cultural competency topics throughout the state of Arizona.

  3. How long have you been a YNPN Phoenix member?
    Over 3 years

  4. Favorite YNPN event or memory?
    A particular standout was the LINK event. I was so inspired and look forward to help grow the event in years to come. I also have loved engaging the young leaders that I supervise at one•n•ten in the various offerings. Many of them now are started to attend events as well.

  5. Favorite place in Phoenix to grab a drink with friends or coworkers?
    So many great places to choose from! I try to go out to as many places as possible to eat, drink and play. Phoenix, and Arizona as a whole, has so many wonderful things to do and see. My particular favorites include DeSoto Market, Crescent Ballroom, Short Leash....I also am an avid supporter of our local queer spaces around town.

  6. What’s one thing you wish the general public knew more about when it comes to your organization/cause?
    The general public needs to know that LGBTQ+ youth are still an extremely marginalized and often times forgotten population, particularly those of color and who identify as transgender or non-binary. Youth need to be embraced, lifted up, and given access to opportunities. The work we do at one•n•ten offers programs and services that support and promote: housing, education, wellness, and leadership at over 7 locations across the Valley.

  7. Tell us about a time that reaffirmed why you do the work that you do.
    I am reaffirmed each and every day that the youth I work with are resilient, determined, and on a path to greatness. They demonstrate this by their smiles, stories, and successes.

  8. Who or what is a source of inspiration for you?
    I am privileged to work in a field that deals with intersections of identity. I am inspired by others who also are fighting for social, racial, & economic justice alongside me. Individuals from organizations such as Trans Queer Pueblo, the ACLU of Arizona, Aunt Rita's Foundation, Black Lives Matter-Arizona, Puente Human Rights, Arizona Action Alliance, and Center for Neighborhood Leadership (to name a few). I have dedicated my life to serve LGBTQ+ youth and am thankful for the others who have dedicated their time as well.

  9. What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone who’s new to the nonprofit sector?
    My advice for someone new entering the nonprofit sector would be to always take time for yourself and to reflect on your work. Self care and self awareness is so important in the work we do. Also - take risks and rewards will surely follow!

  10. What do you hope to contribute to YNPN Phoenix?
    I hope to bring my past experience and personal insight to YNPN Phoenix. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am well aware of gaps in service delivery and inequity when it comes to organizations, spaces, and systems. I would love to work with others in the field to raise awareness, share a new perspective, and offer education. I also will bring my fundraising, strategic visioning, and event planning experience to the table. I am especially looking forward to engaging new folks to become members and experience the wonderful world of YNPN!