Presenting at LINK - Elyse Guidas

Presenting at LINK - Elyse Guidas


So, you’re interested in YNPN Link, huh? Do you have what it takes to present in front of a bunch of strangers? Of course you do! Just in case you need some pointers, here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for the big event. 


Practice, practice, practice! Seems obvious, right? But when you’re standing in the dark on stage and your signal to change the slides just doesn’t seem to be working, you will wish that you’d practiced a bit more. And not just in front of a mirror, but under different kinds of stress. Get a friend to interrupt you, practice in front of an action movie, or go outside and run it by a total stranger. It seems weird now, but trust me. During your presentation, something will inevitably catch you off guard! So be prepared.

Your content matters. It absolutely matters. But your delivery is key! Tell your story, make it relevant, and then tell us why it matters so much! Your audience will want to hear your passion!

Don’t be afraid to ask. Tell us about what your organization will do with the money if you win. How will it help your bottom line? Will it help families? How many? Be specific! This alone could be enough to win over the crowd!

Solicit feedback beforehand. Your fellow YNPN members are here for you. We are young professionals who experience many of the same challenges in our own work environments. Bounce ideas off of us. We are here to help!

Get to know your other presenters. Even if you just chat with them before your pitch, chances are you’re going to meet someone you will want to get to know. I know I did!

No matter the outcome, YNPN Link is a fantastic experience. You may pick up some new skills, make connections for your program, or take home the big prize! Come prepared and you will not regret it!

Elyse Guidas

Executive Director

Fresh Express by Discovery Triangle