Presenting at LINK - Katie Mabardy

Presenting at LINK - Katie Mabardy


We are so much more powerful united. YNPN provides an invaluable service for the next generation of non-profit leaders. Through building connections and creating friendships, young professionals have the opportunity to impact their local and global communities. The YNPN Link event provides the space to share with each other the transformative work of organizations in the community. The event leaves attendees and speakers inspired and energized to make a difference.

With only three minutes to make a pitch, speakers are challenged to narrow the scope of their presentation. I chose to focus on one of my organization’s most inspiring stories to share the realities of our work around the world. The story was grim, and although the ending hopeful, the audience may not have been ready for such a heavy message. My focus for this short pitch was sharing the truth about accessing healthcare in the developing world—a reality few in the U.S. can comprehend. Although I shared our solution, the problem took up the majority of the short three minutes. In retrospect, a focus mainly on the solution with a brief mention of the need may have been more effective.

This group loves energy! As with many non-profit leaders, millennials and young professionals are not my primary audience. At YNPN Link, you are not addressing a group of seasoned business leaders or stuffy bureaucrats. This audience wants to see mission-driven passion and real results. My best advice is to step onto the stage and own it. You have three minutes to convince the audience that your organization is the best to benefit from the offered support and those three minutes go by fast!

Network network network! Use this opportunity to connect with other YPs enthusiastic about using their career to change the world. Find ways to connect with the speakers and attendees both during and after the event. Many of these people will become your future colleagues, business partners, and friends. We are so much more powerful united. It is only through partnerships that real, effective change is possible.

Katie Mabardy

Executive Director

Project C.U.R.E., Arizona