Presenting at LINK - Kendall Crever

Presenting at LINK - Kendall Crever



 It’s not about winning over every person in the room; it’s about sharing your passion, your organization, that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning. As a presenter in last year’s inaugural YNPN Link Event, I was honored to share about my organization’s Localist program working to increase awareness and build pride for our state.


My passion for this program is in the way that we connect people to place, which doesn’t sound like much until you take a step back and realize the connection made to home leads to increased civic pride, increased voter turnout and a return of power and newfound prosperity to “the people”, (After you read this you should look it up, seriously, it’s awesome).

Cool, I had a passion. Step one complete.

Now it was time to figure out the line up of words, the images I’d share, oh and how I even wanted to sound as I delivered this presentation. NO BIG DEAL. Start early on this, it’s easier to edit down than to scramble to add words too late. If you’re offered time with a mentor, take it. It’s only going to help to hear; “yeah, I’m just not feeling it,” from one person instead of dead stares and confused looks night of. Images… stick to images, the less text the better when it comes to a compelling presentation. Add in anecdotes, sprinkle in a few facts. DON’T OVER THINK IT, remember, you’re sharing your passion. Plus it’s not a lot of time you’ll be spending up there.

Phew, step two, (three and four), now complete.

Practice your timing in front of a mirror and then in front of friends. If they’re good friends, they’ll tell you that you need to stop smiling so much because it’s creepy. If they’re great friends, they’ll also let you know with all honesty if they would vote for your presentation. Remember, be concise, you aren’t up there for very long.

Luckily, I got the honesty.

The YNPN Link Event brings out people interested in building better communities and want to hear how you’re helping move this progress forward. However, when it comes to truths about public speaking and from what I know now having done it to be true, Maya Angelou was right, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Again I say, it’s not about winning over every person in the room because sincere passion will do that for you.

 Kendall Crever

Community Outreach Coordinator

Local First Arizona