Why Join the YNPN Phoenix Board?

Why Join the YNPN Phoenix Board?

Learn why current YNPN Phoenix board members joined and what they've gained so far.

Serving as a board member with YNPN Phoenix provides an opportunity to engage with the nonprofit sector in ways that foster understanding and collaboration. You learn about different organizations, meet new people, and see how the sector works from a ton of different perspectives. -Drew Adams

I joined the YNPN Phoenix board because I believe in developing the next generation of engaged and innovative non-profit professionals. Since joining, I've worked with and learned from fellow board members who inspire me to be a better leader with their incredible work and determination. I love my YNPN Phoenix network! -Julie Euber

I joined the YNPN Board to bolster my networking and leadership skills and form friendships with fellow nonprofit professionals who are passionate about making a difference in Phoenix.  -Nick Jensen

Being a member of YNPN has allowed me to grow as a leader and connected me with an incredible network. Joining the YNPN Board has allowed me to give back to the organization that helped advance my career. I believe it is important to grow the next generation of nonprofit leaders and I love being a part of that.  –Hallie Rexer

YNPN is important for me and our community because it both gives a voice to nonprofit professionals while simultaneously elevating our social sector. As someone who has spent the first decade of my career working in large nonprofits as an “intrapreneur”, I know firsthand how important it is to represent the social sector and the critical role we play in our greater business and political community. – Kimberly Roland

I joined YNPN and ultimately became a board member because I saw the passion, energy, and creativity that this group brought to the nonprofit sector in Arizona. I was eager to be a part of a forward thinking group who is focused on developing new leaders in our community. – Liz Salazar

Now it's your turn. If you're ready to support the professional development of young nonprofit professionals in Phoenix, consider applying to join the YNPN Phoenix board today! Read our blog post on what's required and contact us with any questions.


Applications are now closed for 2019!