Member Highlight

Julia Hill

Owner, Roaming Hills
YNPN Phoenix Communications Committee Volunteer

YNPN Phoenix is lucky to have many partners in the Valley of the Sun, but there is one in particular whose work you know really well, but perhaps you’ve never met. She is the talent and hard work behind so much of our branding, graphics and digital art – Julia Hill. Julia is the owner of Roaming Hills, a freelance writing and design company. We thought it was high time we brought her out from behind the scenes and into the spotlight.

How did you get involved with YNPN Phoenix?

It all started with a mixer! A friend and colleague had recommended the event and organization, so I came by, had a great time networking and got to talk to members and leadership on the board. I’d been looking for a volunteer opportunity where I could offer what I was best at – graphic design – and some way to get connected with the community, so joining the communications committee for YNPN was a great fit (and I was ready to sign on by the end of the night!).

What are you passionate about?

People. As an entrepreneur that took a leap to align myself with my values, I’m passionate about inspiring and connecting with people who want to express themselves, whether that’s through creativity or advocacy or whatever else makes you tick. The professional and personal relationships I’ve made are the most important thing to my business, and to me.

What brought you to the world of freelance work in design and writing?

I’d always loved these fields and worked at them for over five years in digital marketing roles, but I was ready for a change that gave me the schedule flexibility that fit my lifestyle best, so I could prioritize my own time to travel and work on personal creative projects, like my artwork and a book series. I had no idea if it would work out! Stepping away from a full-time job was scary, but I just hit the one-year mark in June and it’s going better than I could have imagined.

What is your advice to someone who wants to start freelancing?

It’s OK if it feels like you have no idea what you are doing at first! I had mentors, podcasts and friends say the same thing – it will take you trial and error to figure out what’s working and what isn’t, but you WILL find your niche. My other advice is to lean into your network, or build a new one – I was so humbled by how many contacts I kept from past positions that wanted to work together after I’d stepped out on my own, and the great relationships I’ve made through YNPN.

What organizations/people/companies are killing the game in design in Phoenix?

I love the outdoors and am obsessed with companies like State Forty Eight, DSRT & MTN, and Keep Nature Wild that celebrate our environment and pride in where we live through design. The makers community here is amazing and I’m glad to have met so many awesome vendors through consigning at Gather PHX and shows like 6th Street Market in Tempe.

What work are you most proud of?

I especially love projects where I get to illustrate. Here are a few of my favorites.


Where can we find your work and how can people contact you?

I’ve got a web portfolio at, art and travel at @roaminghills on Instagram, and you can reach me anytime at!

Why Join the YNPN Phoenix Board?

Learn why current YNPN Phoenix board members joined and what they've gained so far.

Serving as a board member with YNPN Phoenix provides an opportunity to engage with the nonprofit sector in ways that foster understanding and collaboration. You learn about different organizations, meet new people, and see how the sector works from a ton of different perspectives. -Drew Adams

I joined the YNPN Phoenix board because I believe in developing the next generation of engaged and innovative non-profit professionals. Since joining, I've worked with and learned from fellow board members who inspire me to be a better leader with their incredible work and determination. I love my YNPN Phoenix network! -Julie Euber

I joined the YNPN Board to bolster my networking and leadership skills and form friendships with fellow nonprofit professionals who are passionate about making a difference in Phoenix.  -Nick Jensen

Being a member of YNPN has allowed me to grow as a leader and connected me with an incredible network. Joining the YNPN Board has allowed me to give back to the organization that helped advance my career. I believe it is important to grow the next generation of nonprofit leaders and I love being a part of that.  –Hallie Rexer

YNPN is important for me and our community because it both gives a voice to nonprofit professionals while simultaneously elevating our social sector. As someone who has spent the first decade of my career working in large nonprofits as an “intrapreneur”, I know firsthand how important it is to represent the social sector and the critical role we play in our greater business and political community. – Kimberly Roland

I joined YNPN and ultimately became a board member because I saw the passion, energy, and creativity that this group brought to the nonprofit sector in Arizona. I was eager to be a part of a forward thinking group who is focused on developing new leaders in our community. – Liz Salazar

Now it's your turn. If you're ready to support the professional development of young nonprofit professionals in Phoenix, consider applying to join the YNPN Phoenix board today! Read our blog post on what's required and contact us with any questions.


Applications are now closed for 2019!

What Does it Take to get on Board?

By Julie Euber, Vice President, YNPN Phoenix

It all starts with an enthusiastic friend. That one person who encourages you to get more involved and to not stay on the sidelines. Then you're hooked.

I had just completed the American Express Leadership Academy at ASU Lodestar, and I needed a way to continue my professional and leadership development. I started attending YNPN Phoenix events casually and always walked away with great information and contacts.

Then, Katie Thorson, who would later be our amazing YNPN LINK 2019 emcee, said, "you know, you'll get more out of this if you join a committee." I decided to join the communications committee to practice my social media skills. It gave me the chance to work with an incredible group of volunteers who make YNPN Phoenix possible.

By the end of May 2017, I was running YNPN Phoenix’s twitter and enjoying every minute of it. A year later, I applied for and was offered a board member position, and last month I was voted in as Vice President of YNPN Phoenix.

Looking back, you may remember an important interaction of your own at a YNPN Phoenix event. Someone who inspired you to do more and to get involved. Engagement and encouragement among members are a few of the many reasons I love this organization. If you’re ready to up your YNPN Phoenix game, consider joining our board.

Here’s what it requires:


What do you gain in return? The opportunity to work with and get to know incredible people, to hone your professional skills, and to feel the incredible feeling of accomplishment when you know that your work contributed to the organization's success.

Board applications will open at the end of May, but I recommend considering if you can make the commitment starting now! Feel free to email me with any questions.


A Message from the President: Make it Happen. Make it Matter.

By Rhette Baughman, President, YNPN Phoenix

It was January of 2018. I sat in a conference room surrounded by a group of brilliant volunteers discussing a myriad of issues facing young professionals working in the nonprofit sector and how YNPN Phoenix could bring solutions to the table.

Their passion was contagious and their dedication was remarkable. I remember feeling so honored to be part of such an incredible group. It was during that meeting when our president at the time, Jaclyn Pederson, proposed an internal board theme: Make it Happen. Make it Matter.

Fast forward several months. For various reasons and unforeseen circumstances, the YNPN Phoenix board and its committees experienced monumental changes, seemingly all at the same time. Several board members resigned from their terms. We had committee members completely ghost us and fall off the radar. Long-time partnerships dissolved without much explanation. As part of the executive committee, I felt helpless.

However, I watched as this strong group of professionals, all with their own full-time jobs outside of YNPN, stepped up to fill the gaps and make sure the organization didn’t miss a beat in providing professional development and networking opportunities to our members. We began recruiting a dynamic group of new volunteers and before we knew it, we had strong and vibrant leadership in just a few months.

These individuals were truly taking ownership and achieving results so we could continue investing in Arizona’s young professionals who have a direct, everyday effect on changing the world. It was in that moment I gave a small sigh of relief knowing the future of our sector is in great hands. Make it happen, make it matter became less of a theme and more of an organizational motto after that. 

Our current board has the luxury of riding on the wings of those who came before us and created such an incredible foundation. Ensuring the sustainability of the organization became a top priority and is still at the core of all our decisions. The other area of focus we have for 2019 is building new and strengthening existing strategic partnerships with the purpose of expanding our network and giving our members more opportunities to connect with other professionals in the valley.

Talk about unstoppable. Nothing compares to a group of young, passionate professionals coming into the agreement to make a difference for the betterment of the sector.

Want to get involved? Whether you are interested in serving on a committee or collaborating on an event, we always welcome an opportunity to connect. Get in touch with us today.

Member Highlight

Christopher Priebe

CEO, Cultivate Coffee
Winner of YNPN LINK 2019



How did you end up in the coffee world?

My wife and I have always worked in the nonprofit and community building world, so naturally, we have often “officed” out of various coffee shops throughout Phoenix. As a self-proclaimed foodie and a lover of all things local, I get excited about trying new places and experiencing their unique spin in things. Out of this, my love for coffee grew. Not only because the art and science behind growing, roasting, and brewing fascinated me, but also because of the community that is often developed around cups of coffee. So, when we decided to start a business to offer job training to vulnerable youth, both of our passions and curiosity for coffee seemed a great fit!

What motivates you?

We’re most motivated by seeing people and our community as a whole flourish. We want to cultivate the best out of the people and places we work with.

How did you find out about LINK and why did you decide to enter?

Kimberly Roland of the Better Business Bureau recommended we get connected to YNPN and participate in LINK. It sounded incredibly fun and I was excited to meet other passionate community builders.

What did you learn while going through the process?

I think the biggest takeaway for me was the knowledge I gained about each of the presenter's organizations and the great work they’re doing. It was really encouraging hearing their passion and the stories of other people doing great work in the valley.

How did you feel when you found out you won?

I was honestly shocked! I believed I had a strong presentation, but so did so many other presenters. I was just sitting there thinking, “This was totally worth it to get to know these 5 great people and to go through the process and to share Cultivate with this audience”, and I started picking in my head a couple of the presenters who I thought would win and all of the sudden my name was called. I was humbled to be picked.

What tips would you pass on to future LINK participants?

Enjoy the process, get to know the other organizations being presented, and speak from your heart about your own work. Don’t worry too much about presenting to an audience and the technical things that go along with that or whether you’ll remember all your words. You know your organization, your work, and your passion. Speak from that.

Any parting thoughts about LINK, YNPN, nonprofits, AZ, life in general…?

I really appreciate YNPN and the work to highlight and inspire nonprofit work. There are a lot of great people doing great work in our valley and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I’m a Phx native and love this city and state, so to see so many people come together for the sake of identifying the broken areas and working to bring restoration or some kind of healing is encouraging to me.


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